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Membership Options

Nevada Nursing Association (NNA) has various options for membership. We encourage membership within the NNA and also the American Nurses Association (ANA) which is our National Level Parent Organization. By joining the ANA you receive membership within the NNA as a benefit. If you would like to join ONLY the NNA you are able to do this as well. We also encourage participation within the NNA for LPNs by offering a special LPN membership (please know that LPNs are not eligible for ANA membership at this time).

  • ANA and NNA Membership
  • NNA Membership
  • LPN Membership

Membership Benefits


Nursing requires dedication, and ANA membership rewards your commitment. From certification discounts to networking opportunities, membership benefits your career and your lifestyle. ANA also champions nursing at the state and federal level, meaning you can rest assured that your interests are always protected. Benefits of being an ANA Member include:

  • Advance your career with free development resources and webinars;
  • Stay current with the most up-to-date nursing news;
  • Save money with big discounts on CE, certification, publications, and more;
  • Network and connect with Registered Nurses (RN) for support and advice;
  • Make your voice heard with opportunities to tell policymakers what you think; and
  • Receive state nurse association member benefits

NNA Membership

Nevada Nurses are a diverse group of individuals with varying needs. NNA is here to help with as many of those needs as possible and be a platform for open communication within Nevada, by hearing the voice of our nurses. As a member of NNA you can rest assured that action is being taken on your behalf and your voices are being heard. NNA offers you:

  • Free and discounted CEU options;
  • A monthly newsletter helping to keep you informed of the most up-to-date nursing news;
  • A one-stop shop for career opportunities within the state;
  • Network and connect with other local RNs and LPNs through our private Facebook Forum;
  • Make your voice heard with opportunities to tell policymakers what you think; and
  • receive a free copy of our quarterly RNFormation Magazine

ANA and NNA Insurance Benefits

As a nurse, you are committed to providing superior care to your patients, but who is taking care of you while you take care of others? ANA has carefully screened the following partners and is committed to providing ANA members with great value, by making it easy to cover yourself in these critical areas.


Nurses need to protect themselves and their careers by maintaining Professional Liability Insurance, a.k.a. Medical Malpractice Insurance. Do not assume your employer's liability insurance will cover you when a lawsuit or complaint is filed. Nurses Service Organization (NSO) has a 45+ year history of defending nursing professionals from allegations of medical malpractice and licensing complaints. With over 500,000 nursing professionals insured and 60+ professional nursing association partners, NSO is the premier administrator of nurses' malpractice insurance in the United States.

We encourage you to explore NSO's website, request a quick rate quote, and browse the case studies and articles in NSO's Learning Center. In the Learning Center, you will find NSO's 4th Edition Nurses Claim Report. It provides statistical data and an analysis of malpractice and licensing claims, as well as recommendations on how you can avoid potential problems in your practice.

long-term care

Nurses know that without proper planning, the costs of long-term care provided services can wipe out a lifetime of savings. Many may feel uncomfortable relying on their children or family members for support and find that Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance would significantly cover these expenses and help to keep them personally in control. Securing quality LTC insurance protection is a serious undertaking; that is why proper planning for ourselves and our families is increasingly critical to us all. ANA has teamed up with Anchor Health Administrators to access special LTC rates through a company that for almost 20 years has only worked with nurses and their families. ANA members will receive a 5% discount on top of any other available discounts, and will have personal access to specialized licensed advocates who help nurse's every day with their LTC needs.

For more information on ANA's Long-Term Care insurance for yourself or your immediate family, and to receive a free no-obligation consultation with a licensed advocate, click here.

term life

Do you have enough term life insurance to help ensure that your family is covered if you were to pass away? Would there be enough to provide for your children, your mortgage and save for college, not to mention unpaid medical bills and funeral expenses? To help, ANA has partnered with AmWINS Group Benefits administrators to offer term life insurance with Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company. With this plan you can receive term life insurance at competitive group rates, negotiated just for nurses by ANA. Because you are a member, you can apply for a plan with up to $250,000 in coverage at economical rates.2

To access detailed information or request an application for this valuable term life insurance, click here.


NNA Membership

To join as a Nevada Nurses Association state-only member, click the first button below. Note you will be joining the Nevada Nurses Association through the ANA website, but you will NOT be a member of ANA if you choose the state-only membership option. If you wish to join both organizations, please select the Join ANA and NNA option instead.


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