Nevada Nurses Association

NNA Environmental Health Committee (est. 2013)

Committee Overview

As nurses, we are the largest group of healthcare workers in Nevada. It is essential that we recognize and address the environmental hazards (biological, chemical, radiological and physical) that might affect ourselves, our patients, and the community at large.

The specific aims of the NNA Environmental Health Committee are to:

  • Educate Nevada's nurses on ANA's Principles of Environmental Health
  • Inform Nevada's nurses, in an unbiased manner, on a variety of issues affecting our state as selected from national-level initiatives
  • Disseminate knowledge via the NNA's RNInformation Newsletter
  • Represent NNA on state and national events or initiatives that focus on
    improving the environment for promotion of health

For more information about nursing's role in environmental health, refer to
the presentation "Leading Environmental Health Awareness to Transform Nursing Practice".

B. Longo
Bernadette Longo,

Get Involved!

Membership on this committee is open to all NNA members. For more information or to join this committee, please drop a note to or call 775-747-2333.

Position Statements

  • NNA Position Statement on Fluoridation of Public Drinking Water

Nevada Environmental Studies & Summaries

  • Climate Change in Nevada
    • "How the Climate is Changing in the Great Basin"
    • "Wildfire Smoke Exposure in Northern Nevada from the American & Rim Fires"
    • The Western Regional Climate Center
    • Resolution on Global Climate Change – ANA
    • National Science Foundation – Climate Change
    • Drought Map
  • Air Quality in Nevada
    • "State of the Air in Nevada – Report Card for 2017"
    • "State of the Air in Nevada – 2015"   (RNFormation, August, 2015, p. 7)
    • Healthy Air Advocacy   (American Lung Association link)
    • Nevada Air Quality   (near-real-time data)
    • AirNow for Nevada   (current & forecast air quality index)
  • Radon in Nevada
    • Nevada Radon Education Program
    • U.S. EPA Radon Information
    • "Radon, A Real Health Risk for Nevadans"   (RNFormation, May, 2014, p. 8)
    • "Nurses Can Promote Radon Awareness"   (RNFormation, May, 2016, p. 14)

Global Health Issues

  • "Global Sustainable Development"   (RNFormation, February, 2016, p. 14)

Related Resources

  • Earthquake Preparedness for Nevadans
    • Earthquakes in Nevada
    • Nevada Live Earthquake Map
    • Great Nevada Shakeout – get registered & participate
    • The Nevada Seismology Laboratory – sign up for notifications!
  • Disaster Preparedness for Nevada Nurses
    • "It's Never Too Early to be Prepared"   (RNFormation, February, 2016, p. 6)
    • Nevada Division of Emergency Management
    • FEMA
  • Recycling in Nevada
    • "Recyling: A Challenge for Nevada" (Part 1)   (RNFormation, February, 2015, p. 10-11)
    • "Recyling: Are You 'Green' at Work?" (Part 2)   (RNFormation, August, 2015, p. 6-7)
    • Nevada Recycles
  • Human-Technology Interface
    • Computers & Vision Health